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Who will Represent your Student Body for the Next School Year?


   It’s that time of year again! The voting process for our new ASB representatives and student body has begun. The elected students will be your leaders for the 2020-2021 school year. The elections will take place online this year, although it is still undecided as to how the process will happen. 

   For senior body president, there were two equally amazing candidates. First is Jillian Morris, a positive person who truly wants “to be a role model for others”. She has been a “pretty involved” member of ASB for two years. As president, Morris wishes to recognize smaller clubs and improve prom and senior ball.

   As the opposing candidate for senior body president, Shruti Shresta, is currently holding the junior class president position for this school year. The best thing to her about ASB is the behind-the-scenes planning that takes place for every school event, especially dances. Shresta’s main goal as president is to lessen the load on seniors by using the funds given to every committee. She believes that “making a difference and helping other people”, is an important mindset for a leader.

   One of the opponents for ASB president is Violet Delgado who has been in various leadership roles in her time at Buena. For ASB, she has “been in charge of our Community Service Committee, headed our Commitment to Graduate Committee, and [is] currently the ASB treasurer.” But her experience does not stop there. Outside of ASB she makes for an excellent team captain for girls water polo. Delgado is pushing to work to build a “stronger sense of community” and create new events that students wish to participate in. 

   Also running for ASB president is Omaria Ackerson because she wants “to represent our school on a larger scale….and build better culture” on campus. She is currently a leader as president of Black Student Union, a position which she has held for two years, and is the ASB secretary as a junior. She believes that to be elected is a “privilege” as she would have access to tools necessary to reach her goals as a leader. 

Finally, for ASB vice president, we have Kate Lewis, who is running to be as “involved with ASB as much as possible.” She has plenty of experience being a leader as she is currently junior class vice president, as well as in her 4th year as head of the “ask me crew” for the California Association Leaders, and is also president of the TedX club at Buena. Her goal for next year is to help everyone recover from the troubling year we all have had. To her, “leadership is the effort that people put in together as a team to help give others a good experience.”


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