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Vinhanh Nguyen wins over the community

Nicholas Washington/ Photographer

Recognized by Ventura City Council for his community service while being an official Eagle Scout and a player on VC Supreme’s JV club basketball team, junior Vinhanh “V” Nguyen has had a significant impact on the community around him.

Alongside keeping up with his academics, Nguyen finds time outside of school to help the community in any way he can. The past summer, Nguyen took up the project with his father of remodeling Ventura County resident Phillip Seiflein’s newly bought home in Saticoy.

Seiflein, a disabled veteran, was relocated due to the Thomas Fire. Nguyen and his father worked day and night in the house, which was first built in the early 1900s, to remove the textured ceiling, fix the lighting, restore the plumbing, change the carpet flooring, and renovate the home without expectation of pay. Nguyen, content with the project’s eventual success, said, “I wanted to spend some time doing community service, that’s the least I could do to contribute.”

It wasn’t until January 28 of this year that Nguyen was recognized for this project and other efforts. During a public council meeting, the Ventura City Council presented Nguyen with a proclamation for his outstanding community support, outlining his involvement in renovating Seiflein’s home, the Eagle Scouts, various non-profits, and club basketball.

   Seiflein was not the only veteran that Nguyen has committed himself to helping. Through social media and door-to-door efforts, he was was able to assist in raising $7,000 in aid for the Wounded Warrior non-profit sponsor, a campaign to end the high rates of suicide among veterans.

  Alongside his efforts in the community, Nguyen spends his time earning merit badges as an Eagle Scout, the highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America. After years of Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, he was able to earn the 21 merit badges required for the rank. As such, he has picked up a multitude of skills, such as lifesaving, rifle shooting, archery, and more.

When asked about what Eagle Scouts meant to him, Nguyen emphasized the leadership skills gained and how it has taught him to be “more directed and [able to] handle situations under pressure [more] effectively.”

Junior Evan Howard, who became friends with Nguyen in freshman year, said about Nguyen’s achievements, “I admire his determination. I think he puts his mind to something and he just straight goes for it. If he runs into any obstacle, he always overcomes it.”


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