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    Ventura’s first annual All-District Art Show


    The Museum of Ventura County, located in downtown Ventura, came alive with student art from April 21- May 6. The museum held this art show to represent the incredible works of art as well as highlighting the talent of students from diverse high schools, middle schools and even elementary schools, from all over the district.

    Buena High School junior, Madison Lonis, received first place at the art show and was much honored to have her work placed in the exhibit. “It felt a lot more special that I was able to share my art with everyone in this town. I am working very hard to make a name for myself, and to know I’ve gotten this far brings joy to my heart,” she said.

    Lonis’ paintings that were submitted in the art show were named “Freedom” and “Habit.” The piece that made it onto the posters was named “Pierce,” which she explained, “conveys the sensation of tugging on your lip when you have a lip piercing.”

    Buena senior Trini Murillo was another student featured in this exhibit. Murillo explained that she chose “concentration” as her main focus point and submitted pieces that were inspired by her family. Murillo described having the opportunity to be included in the art exhibit as “a huge accomplishment.”

    This art show was developed through the efforts of the Ventura Arts Collaborative (a cooperative program of Ventura Unified School district), the City of Ventura and the Ventura Education Partnership. On the museum’s official website

    Elena Brokaw, the Executive Director of the Museum of Ventura County, states on the museum’s web site: “This partnership between the school district and the museum is a direct result of our community’s commitment to the Arts. Ventura is a city where art and artists are celebrated and welcome.”

    Students who wanted to have the opportunity to be featured in this art show had to submit two pieces of their best work online. There was a grand total of 50 works that were selected from over hundreds of submitted pieces. These pieces were included in a range of categories such as, watercolors, photography, acrylic paintings, and mixed media and pencil drawings.

    Nicole Rapattoni, an art teacher at Buena High School, explained that this was an event that was very beneficial for the students who are applying to colleges, especially if they are interested in seeking a career as a fine artist. “This is definitely a good thing to put on a resume,” said Rapattoni, who also specified that there were also plenty of collectors at the art show who purchased artwork by some these students.


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