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    Living in the future but at what cost?

       Throughout 2020 business will promote their innovations for the new decade. There will be numerous state-of-the-art items on the market in the entertainment, transportation, and health fields. Although we are not living in the future depicted in “Back to the Future”, this upcoming year will be a step in that direction. 

       One car that has sparked a massive interest is the Tesla Roadster (Mk2). Even though there has been a Tesla Roadster back in 2008, the new roadster will have three electric motors and will be able to hit zero to sixty in 1.9 seconds from a standing start. If you would like to drive this work of innovation it would cost you just around $200,000. Tesla calls it “The first supercar to set every performance record and still fit seating for four.” Tesla is for sure a company to keep an eye out for their new inventions, innovations, and design for the future. 

       On the entertainment front the new Xbox Series X is releasing in holiday of 2020. The new gaming console will have some major upgrades compared to the already powerful Xbox One X. 

       A few upgrades include a custom CPU by AMD and a graphics card which Microsoft states it is “twice as powerful” as the Xbox One X. The console is set to hit 60+ fps at 4k resolution. The last major upgrade is the SSD which will grant not only storage for games but also faster load times when loading up games. 

       For those who are not technical Microsoft is pushing for a gaming console that is just as powerful as a gaming computer without all of the computer hassle especially if the consumer knows nothing about computers. According to In Game Name there are estimating with these newer components and Microsoft’s claims that the new console will cost about $600.

       An innovation that will affect almost everyone is 5G. According to Qualcomm “The 5th generation of the internet will make our smartphones better but it will also usher in new immersive experiences, such as VR and AR, with faster, more uniform data rates, lower latency, and cost-per-bit.” 5G will also be able to remote control of critical infrastructure, vehicles, and medical procedures. Little by little cellular services are offering 5G data plans to consumers and phone companies are offering 5G capable phones. Even though what don’t know 5G’s maximum potential, 5G is certain to innovate the way we use smartphones. 


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