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A trouble-free four years


The best way to guarantee your chances of never getting in trouble in high school is to know the rules. Some policies are being focused on more than others, such as the no headphone rule. A student is not allowed to listen to music during school hours, nor have their headphones hanging from their collar.

The Buena staff is not here to get you into trouble. Michael Wise states “We are all playing for the same team.” Many students know of this rule, as it has been stressed thoroughly in these first few weeks of school. It is the staff’s job to enforce these preset rules.

Wise has not made new rules for the school despite what some students may be thinking. He explains “These were existing rules. I did not make any new rules. I have just enforced them.” The most driving reason for the no headphone rule is that students may not be able to hear alarm bells during the time of an emergency. If somehow a student could not hear these bells he or she could wind up in a bad situation. Headphones could also become a distraction while trying to further your education.

Many students are outraged by the enforcement of this policy. Some students feel that music is a soothing agent that helps them focus in class, but keep in mind that policies are set by the district and school to protect the student, not oppress the student.

Failure to put away your headphones on a regular basis will lead to consequences set forth by the behavioral administrator. “A punishment will go as far as a student takes it. My job is to solve the problem with as little punishment as possible,” said Wise. Although he has not given out a punishment for wearing headphones, it doesn’t mean you are invincible to consequences. Save yourself a visit and just put them in your pocket.


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