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    The 2019 trend of upcycling and thrifting


       With the year 2019 having come and gone, the trend of thrifting and upcycling was all the roar and often went hand in hand, but few even know what upcycling is. The act of upcycling is taking one thing and turning it into something new or slightly altering it, and that something doesn’t have to be clothes, it can be anything that you want to add your personal touch to. 

       Some may say there are three variations when it comes to upcycling: moderate, intermediate and extreme.

       To moderately upcycle something would be to slightly alter an item to better fit your body. For example, if you were to buy a pair of jeans that were too long then you could cut a few inches off the ankle and hem them, or if the jeans were too loose around your torso, you could take in the waist a few inches. Even cropping a shirt could count as moderate upcycling.  

       Intermediate upcycling is changing something to better fit your style. An example of this would be to add something onto a piece of clothing. Whether that be sewing some lace adding some distress to jeans, or even embroidering a design onto something. 

       Lastly, an example of extreme upcycling is to take one thing and turn it into something relatively different. An instance of this is turning a pair of jeans into a skirt, using scrap fabrics or an old t-shirt to make a tote bag, or anything along the lines of making something new from something that it wasn’t already. 

       A Buena sophomore who participates in the act of upcycling is Celeste Ayala who said, “I think one thing I’ve done is where I took a jean jacket and I added more to it. I just took pieces of shirts and I just added onto the jean jacket and I stitched patches.”

       As stated previously, thrifting and upcycling often go hand in hand, since when thrifting you may not find something that completely fits or maybe you just want to add something to whatever you found. 

       It is not known exactly when thrifting became popular amongst teens, but what is known is that many students from Buena partake in this activity, including Reyana Torres. What Torres likes about thrifting is “seeing all the clothes that people just give away and seeing what I can do with them.”

      Thrifting is not just popular due to the creativity it allows for but also for the environmental benefits it has. Most second hand clothes will be put in landfills which pollutes the earth but thrifting will reduce waste and upcycling can be seen as a form of recycling which will make the clothes more desirable to the eye by not only the creator but peers.   

       Now with the year 2020 having recently started, hopefully we can continue on with this trend of thrifting and upcycling due to its positive effects it has on the environment as well as the creative side of fashion.


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