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    First Ted Event Comes to Buena


        TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is an American organization that is dedicated to presenting the public with “ideas worth spreading.” Many of these TED Talks are centered around business, science, creativity and education and some are even focused on wider, global issues. There is also a TEDx program that provides free licenses to other organizations or individuals who wish to independently coordinate a TED event in their local communities and on March 7 2020, Buena will be hosting one of its own.

       Junior Kate Lewis recalls watching TED talks in her College and Career class, but not knowing the difference between TED and “TEDx.” Lewis was inspired to start her own TED event here at Buena when she first learned what TEDx was and how it works.

       People who have a passion for public speaking and want to organize their own event can apply for the license and at the beginning of her sophomore year, Lewis began a conversation with administration about potentially hosting an event like this.

       They loved the idea, and shortly after, she reached out to English teacher Molly Ensminger to help her plan the event. Ensmingersays that she was “overall impressed that there was a student motivated enough to look into what it would take, go through the process and approach a teacher to help guide her.” She is also excited that an event like this is going to be held at Buena.

       At first, Lewis struggled with establishing a theme for the event and Ensminger commented that they went “back and forth trying to revise, edit and clarify certain things about the theme” during the application process. Eventually, Lewis came up with, “The Moment of Impact.” The goal is to have people speak about anyone or anything that has made an impact on them. Her inspiration for this theme came from the passing of a fellow Bulldog, Patrick Graham, and she remembers how everything seemed so quiet on campus the day after. “I didn’t really know how much of an impact he had on the students here and I wanted to do something to honor him.¨

       According to Ensminger, this shortly turned into asking how many other moments of impact people experience “that alter the course of their life forever… it could be one little thing, one moment of impact that changes everything.” Junior Maddie Guenther will potentially be singing a song from the first musical she was a part of at Buena. It was impactful to her, because it played a part in changing what she thought she wanted to do when she grows up.

       Anyone who wants to, and is able to present something that relates to the moment of impact in a creative and thoughtful way can participate in this event. That means students and even staff members. Both Lewis and Ensminger are hopeful to receive more applicants and are looking forward to the end result. “I’m excited to see it all come together and I think it’s gonna be great for Buena’s students to have this kind of platform,” said Lewis.


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