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Technology downloads into our lives


   Technology is something that most of us today use; television, smartphones, computers, virtual reality, the options are endless. More than ever, all the stuff that we constantly use and cannot keep an eye off of seems to have us dependent, being dependent quickly turns into addiction. What is a Technology addiction you may ask? Well, Technology addictions can happen to anyone who has access and can afford the latest technology.  According to study.com, technology addiction is defined as “an uncontrollable overuse of certain devices and can result in behavioral problems.” 

   Technology has become more and more advanced and it appears that the more advanced it becomes, the more control it has over us. New apps, social media sites, news network, photo editing are powerful to us that seem to dictate our behavior and emotions. Technology should not control what we do, we should not feel pressured to buy things that we see, and we should be using this technology for its actual purpose and use.

   As a young adult, I use my phone constantly. The problem these social media sites pose, which make it so addicting, is that there is no end to the feed. You could scroll for hours and never run out of content. This can, and has led to multiple problems that can be contagious and considered dangerous. For example, sharing important information online can lead to someone possibly stealing your identity and possibly ruin your life. 

   Another observation I’ve made regarding why teens and adults feel like they need their devices constantly, is so that they do not feel left out from society. Sadly, these devices seem to only propel us further away from one another. I see too many people not making eye contact or saying hello in hallways because they are staring into their screens. It’s like whatever is on that screen controls us, wanting us to buy things, take pictures, make our lives more and more interesting on social media, while in reality we spend more time on our phone than actually living.

   According to edgarsnyder.com, teens from age 15-20 have been killed or seriously injured from texting and driving or just being a passenger in a vehicle with an irresponsible driver. The best thing that you can do is just, turn off your notifications, put your phone on airplane mode, or just simply turn off your phone, whatever is so important on your phone can wait, you may or may be saving your life or someone else’s.


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