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Sydney Pujol


   Senior Sydney Pujol is known for being kind and light hearted, as well as loving soccer. Even though this is her first year as a Bulldog, Pujol still found a way to stay positive through her move back to California from Texas. “My emotions when coming to Buena were very mixed. I was kind of excited to be living in California again but mostly sad because I missed my friends and school in Texas.” 

   Soccer has played a passionate role throughout Sydney’s life; Pujol plays for Buena’s girls varsity soccer, she has been playing for fourteen years. “It gives me a break from school and work to have fun. I like the way I bond with my team outside of school, [it] gives me a second family.”

   Senior and friend Cheyenne Larsen talks about the first time she met Pujol, When Larsen met Pujol she wished that I first met her I [would] want someone [to] do the same thing to me, ask to hangout and just be friendly, she is easy to become friends with and easy to talk to and doesn’t judge and is a really good friend.” Larsen also points out, “She’s super nice and always down for a good time.” Larsen also sees Pujol’s hard work “always wanting to do more [and] she’s definitely an overachiever”   

   Not only is she kind, but also has a demanding schedule from AP economics, AP Statistics, AP literature to psychology, and soccer. She’s thinking about going to Ventura college then transfer to University of Santa Barabara. For her career, Pujol says, “I have no idea. Something creative and different every day so I don’t get bored. In ten years Pujol sees herself “Somewhere in Europe alone with my dog.”    


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