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Soren Warren judges his future

Soren Warren serves on Buena's mock trial, he is an aspiring lawyer. Photographer/ Jaxon Silva

Junior Soren Warren is an aspiring lawyer and a member of the Mock Trial team.

Warren joined Mock Trial at the suggestion of Jesse Taylor, a former Buena teacher who previously taught history and was an adviser for Mock Trial.

Warren feels very strongly about his Mock Trial skills. ¨I worked really hard at it this year especially in pretrial. I did pretty well in competition. I won a few motions,¨ Warren said.

Warren is taking AP classes such as AP Bio, AP Calculus AB and AP English, along with Spanish 3, Jazz, Wind Ensemble and AP U.S. History. Out of these classes, Warren says, his favorite class is English, but he also enjoys history because the two classes come together. Warren said he especially likes English because it “helps me think about ideas in more ways and broadens my perspective.”

Earning good grades will be on his agenda to guide him through to get into college, although at the time Warren is not sure about which college he wants to attend.

One of Warren’s close friends, junior Sophia Holdarf, described Warren as “very driven, when he is invested in something, he works super hard and will push himself to get the results he wants.”

Warren does take time to relax after a busy day. Warren enjoys hiking with friends, listening to new music with his sister, hanging out with his little brother and practicing for band.

He explained that he got into band because his father was ¨super into it,” so he encouraged him to take the class in 6th grade. Warren has been in band ever since, playing the trumpet for six years, and he plans to continue throughout his senior year. Along with band, he plays for Buena’s Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band.


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