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Sophomore Sophie Warren wins the day

Nicholas Washington/ Photographer

Sophomore Sophie Warren, is pursuing her passion for the law, by being involved in Mock Trial.

Warren has been in Mock Trial for two years, and is in her first year as a defense attorney. She looks up to the seniors in Mock Trial because they are all “very helpful and super supportive.” Warren said, “I am really enjoying it because it makes me think in different ways, and I’m hoping to get better at speaking and thinking on my feet.”

During Warren’s free time, she enjoys playing games with her siblings, listening to music, and reading. On Wednesday nights Warren attends her church youth group and likes to volunteer at her church nursery.

Warren’s classes include AP European History, German 2 Honors, Honors Chemistry, Wind Ensemble Honors, Math 2 Honors, English 10 Honors, and ROP Intro to Law.

Outside of Mock Trial, Warren plays the French horn in Buena’s Wind Ensemble and has been playing since sixth grade “I enjoy it because it allows me to create something beautiful with the rest of the band.” She said, “It’s also taught me a lot about music and made me more able to appreciate music.”

Warren is in 10th grade and she can show that being such a young age you can participate in such a mature activity.

Sophomore Elisabeth Mensa has been friends with Warren since freshman year in English class Mensa said, “She is very smart, like it scares me sometimes,” she says with a smile.

Vanessa West, who is and a sophomore, also a close friend of Warren, said they enjoy their time scrolling through Instagram and looking at memes together. West said “She’s really hardworking, and that’s how she has the best grades ever, and she plays French horn and works really hard.”

After high school, Warren plans to go to college and eventually wants to become a therapist or psychologist. Warren said, “I would advise my younger self to be more willing to try things and make mistakes.”


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