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Simple Recipes to Brighten your Quarantined Day


   A simple and entertaining activity to take advantage of during this time is to improve your home cooking skills. Regardless of your current cooking expertise it is always beneficial to learn to cook nutritious meals. This video tutorial is for a simple and delicious breakfast or lunch item, avocado toast. There are many variations of avocado toast which you can modify depending on your dietary restrictions and preferences. 

Classic Avocado Toast:

  • 1 slice of bread 
  • About half of an avocado (mashed or sliced)
  • Toppings (Optional)l: Salt and pepper, chili flakes, Cherry Tomatoes, Arugula, Lemon, Cheese, etc. 

Breakfast Avocado Toast:

  • 1 slice of bread 
  • About half of an avocado
  • 1 egg 
  • Salt and pepper or Chili flakes 

INSTRUCTIONS: Toast your slice of bread in a pan or toaster, then mash your avocado in a bowl with salt and pepper or your choice of seasoning. Spread the avocado on the toast and top with a cooked egg, cherry tomatoes, arugula, cheese, chili flakes, etc. The possibilities are endless! Fresh fruit or veggies on the side are a perfect edition to your avocado toast as well. To complete your breakfast try pairing it with a simple and easy homemade iced coffee. 

Pair it with a homemade Iced Coffee:

Iced Coffee:

  • Cold Brew Coffee OR Instant coffee 
  • Water
  • Milk of your choice 
  • Creamer or Sweetener (ex. Honey or coffee syrup)
  • Ice 


The ratio of coffee to milk is roughly 1 to 1 depending on how strong you would like your coffee. 

  1. First, add coffee to about half of your a glass.(If your using instant coffee mix hot water with the coffee first) 
  2. Add ice 
  3. Add the milk of your choice (about half of the cup)
  4. Add the sweetener of your choice
  5. Mix and enjoy!

You can use many different methods to make cold brew. One of the easiest methods is to use steeped coffee bags but making it from scratch is also very simple. 

Cold Brew Recipe:

  • ¼ cups of coarse ground coffee 
  • 1 cup of water 


  1. Place ground coffee and water into a mason jar or any other sealable container 
  2. Stir coffee and water together 
  3. Let the mixture steep for 12-24 hours in the refrigerator 
  4. Use a fine mesh strainer or a cheesecloth to separate the coffee grounds from the liquid 
  5. Store in a sealable container for up to a week


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