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Sierra Hambleton, an aquatic artist

Nicholas Washington/ Photographer

Junior Sierra Hambleton is a Buena High School athlete who plays on both the water polo and swim team. In addition, she is a artist who turns her ideas into reality with the stroke of her pen.

Hambleton started water sports in the third grade but was never really engaged by them. She said. “I never really wanted to join swim in the third grade but my mother insisted, and I eventually decided to take a break that same year to pursue other interests.”

As Hambleton entered high school her mother encouraged her to pursue water sports, and she eventually came to realize she wanted to get back into the sport and grow as a student athlete. Now as a junior, Hambleton finds it easy to balance swim and water polo because of her past experience with the sport.

One of Hambleton’s friends, junior Natalie Ramirez, said, “She likes the team and she enjoys being part of it and supporting her teammates.” Even in general Ramirez said, “Sierra is really nice and she is always smiling, she has a positive outlook on things, and is just a genuine person.”

This year Hambleton’s is taking Chemistry, English, U.S. History, Math, and Art. She explained art is her favorite class because, “It’s therapeutic and it’s not stressful like other classes, and you don’t have to study.” Rather than actual drawings and paintings, she said, “I am more into fashion design and that time allows me to enjoy art and explore my creativity.” Hambleton explained, “The style of art I enjoy doing is most is realistic art.”

She does not follow any art trends but rather sticks to her own creativity.  She also revealed that there might be a possibility that art will be in her future. She said, “I’m not quite sure of what I want to do in the future but I am not opposed to the idea.”

Another one of Hambleton’s friends, senior Natasha Turner, “She is super good, talented, she is always making her artwork realistic.” Turner described Hambleton’s art as, “very creative,” she said, “I have not seen anything compared to it.”

Turner also explained that as a person, “Sierra is definitely a bubbly person, she is really funny, and she is just a little bundle of joy.”


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