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Senior Jordan Vang explores his opportunities

Nicholas Washington/ Photographer

As a senior at Buena High School, Jordan Vang says he is devoting himself to expanding his horizons and pursuing new opportunities on campus.

When it comes to his final year at Buena, Vang has adopted a nonchalant attitude, and admits to jumping at any opportunity he can find around school. In his latest pursuit, Vang discovered his appreciation of theater as he joined the cast of Buena’s production of “Almost, Maine” this past November.

Vang played the role of Phil, a middle-aged father who deals with a failing marriage with his wife, Marci. When asked about his willingness to enter onto Buena’s stage, Vang said with ease, “I figured since its senior year, [it’s] something to do!”

Along with performing in plays, Vang was a Buena athlete, running on the boys freshman/sophomore track and field team his first two years of high school. Vang participated in the various sprint events, long jump, and attempted hurdles, those of which he admits were not his favorite. “It’s working out, but at the same time you’re hanging out with friends so it’s really chill,” said Vang on why he joined the team.

Sarah Pinkstaff, Vang’s coach at the time, recalls him as the few that “would be willing to help out [to] bring equipment in [and] bring equipment out,” as well as “always willing to stay after to help out.”

After focusing on his academics junior year, Vang said he will return to the team in its next season, eager to “end [the] high school year surrounded by friends and [with] amazing memories for the future.”

Vang, a student who appears dedicated to enjoying the moment, is known most for his positive attitude and upbeat personality. Vang has not only pushed himself in his extracurriculars, but socially as well. Senior Sasha “Lemon” Sturtz, who became close friends with Vang after meeting him in Pre-Calculus and auditioning together for “Almost, Maine,” said, “He’s always happy. I get to school, and he’s like the happy pill. He’s always smiling.”

Vang plans on attending a four-year university, preferably the University of California Los Angeles, with a major in the medical field. Currently, he is looking toward the future and intends on bringing his optimism with him wherever he lands.


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