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Senior Daniel Tinajera on his way to graduation as a solid Buena Student


   Daniel Tinajera is a senior at Buena High School on the varsity wrestling team. He has participated on the team for the last four years. 

   Of all of the classes he is taking this year, his favorite is woodshop, “I enjoy grading wood and making things”, Tinajera Said. His favorite things to do at Buena are to play sports and hang out with his friends. He’s enjoyed his time in Buena meeting new people. Tinajera has been on the wrestling team for four years. His favorite Buena faculty member is Keith Allmen, who assists with the wrestling team and teaches math.

   A very good friend of Tinajera is Nidal Farah. They have been friends since 7th grade. Farah says that one of the best things about Tinajera is that “he really looks out for all of his friends”. Farah also said that he is kind hearted, and “he makes sure you have fun,” said Farah.

   John Smithson has coached Tinajera for all four years, and states that he is stronger than most in his weight class. What Smithson admires about Tinajera is his leadership, “Danny is a quiet team leader that leads by example”. Tinajera’s performance this year has stood out, in that, he placed fifth at the Newbury Park Tournament. Additionally, he placed first at the Camarillo Tournament. Smithson said Tinajera’s success is largely due to the fact that, “He works hard in practice and is very disciplined about maintaining his weight.”

   Tinajera’s family is really important to him. He has two brothers, his older brother is studying to become a firefighter. After graduating, he plans to go to Ventura College for two years to take his core classes. Later he plans to transfer with the goal of someday becoming a firefighter like his older brother. The people he admires the most are his parents, because they have been such a good influence on him, “They’re making me a better person.”


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