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Jaxon Silva/ Photographer. Debate Club, led by president Ryan Hansen, meets every Monday in the Hub.

New club on campus begins to pursue political discourse

A new club on campus has started to debate in the Buena library hub.

Debate club, according to senior and co-president Ryan Hansen, “is a forum of discussion intended to discuss and debate topics central to modern society that might not be talked about elsewhere.”

Co-president Nathan Martinez, senior, is excited to begin the Debate Club. “What I want out of this club is a place where people debate topics and have fun doing it too,” he said.

The club meets on Mondays during lunch, and members are planning to discuss topics such as affirmative action, student’s rights, raising the minimum wage, DACA, climate, and other topics throughout the year.

Senior Gokul Varma additionally stated, “Not only does it discuss, but it allows us to show both sides of arguments, which can enlighten people on sides they are against.”

When asked about how the club began Varma explained, “Debate club started when one fine morning, eight of us were discussing some of the policies of the current political administration.” Varma elaborated further that Hansen came up with the idea of the club and they began to create this club.

Martinez elaborated, “It was created and approved last year, so this is our first year of our club.”

However, this isn’t the first time Buena has had a debate club on campus. Buena librarian and club advisor Joel Levin, explained, “There was a club called for students for the American way started about 2007. The club lasted until 2013, as the core members graduated and not enough underclassmen joined.”

Levin added, “I think this club is an excellent forum because it lets people explore social, political, and philosophical beliefs. I hope the club will last so that students will have the chance to grow their own political beliefs.”


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