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Raif Lawrence is leading away

Sophomore Raif Lawrence. Photographer/ Jaxon Silva

Sophomore Raif Lawrence leads by example. “He’s a hard worker who pushes himself everyday,” said varsity soccer coach, Shaun Strople.
Lawrence has played soccer since he was five years old. “At a young age i was forced into soccer but in the end i started to enjoy the game,” said Lawrence. He now plays for Buena High School varsity soccer team as the goalie, Number 19.
“Raif’s a respectful player.” Strople says, “ he might not be very vocal, but his actions are what makes him a good leader.”
But soccer isn’t the only sport Lawrence plays. He also plays baseball as a right fielder on second base. He has played these sports for 11years. And if that’s not enough, Lawrence is also in Buena Leadership.
Lawrence explained that he joined the Leadership class to help out the school. “It’s a fun class and you get to meet lots of new people,” he said.
Despite a full schedule, Lawrence still loves to go to the movies and hang out with his friends. ( quote from friend )
Thinking about the future and his college plans, Lawrence says “I do want to go to college, but my major is still undecided.”
His freshman English teacher, Karin Childress adds to this positive outlook on Lawrence, “He was very responsible and always checked in before he had to leave to games or practices during class,” Childress said.


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