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Quinn Walker runs to catch her goals


Quinn Walker, a junior at Buena, is a goalie on the girls varsity soccer team. She picked up a soccer ball at the age of five and hasn’t been able to put it down since.

Walker is originally from Visalia Calif. and moved to Ventura when she was in second grade. It might have been tough at first, but she managed to make friends along the way with her caring and funny personality.

Close friend Talia Beech, a junior at Buena said, “she’s super funny and can make me laugh whenever I’m sad or anything, but when she needs to be serious she can be serious… she’s very caring and will ask if you are doing okay.” Walker’s biggest inspiration is her mom, “she loves everyone no matter what,” Walker said. In addition to her mom being a big inspiration, her biggest motivation is to do well in school. Walker explained that, “Balancing athletics and school is pretty tough, but when I do have some free time I like to hangout with my friends and get coffee.”

Mike Gianelli, who had Walker in his history class for two consecutive years said, “She puts her school first and then her sport which I think is a perfect example of a scholar athlete.”

One of her favorite quotes is from the Bible which states, “let all that you be done in love.” Walker grew up going to church and now is part of a church group called ‘Young Life’. “The bible has greatly impacted me so I enjoy bible verses and using them as reminders throughout life,” Walker said.

Quinn explained that her goal is to play soccer throughout high school and college but does not plan on going professional, “I want to pursue something different and have a family,“ Walker responded.



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