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Oscar Gracia dances into his first year at Buena


Oscar Gracia is a freshman who is 13 years old and part of Buena ́s colorguard team. His potion is saber-line which means he is responsible for rifle throwing, and as the only boy on the team he says that he feels just as welcomed as every girl there. “I don’t feel lonely at all, my team doesn’t judge me because I’m a boy,” Gracia said. 

 Gracia and his teammates are best known for their half-time performances but they do far more than flag tossing and dancing. Not only are they entertainers, they’re competitors who have tussled against schools nationwide at nationals.

They tend to have many responsibilities in this case. Often times, their main responsibility is practicing for over nine hours a week. Gracia assures us it’s not a burden; “like when school gets out I don’t go ‘oh, I have to go to colorguard’ I go ‘oh I get to go to colorguard’ and that’s a good feeling.” 

When teammate and senior Sasha Snoburger was asked how she felt about Gracia she said, “He is kind, he is considerate, he is sweet, and he always makes sure that everyone understands what’s going on. He is determined and talented.”

His Spanish teacher, Melynda Atkins said of Garcia, “He’s a hard worker; I’ve only known him for a few weeks but I am very happy he’s in my class.”

 His future job plans are undetermined but he does know that he wants to graduate, fall in love, and start a family of his own. When Gracia is not practicing colorguard or doing homework, he is spending time with family and friends, binging “Gilmore Girls” or watching one of his favorite movies, “The Bee Movie”.


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