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Naviere Law looks toward a future in medicine

Nicholas Washington/ Photographer

Sophomore Naviere Law spends much of her time playing basketball, preparing for her future AP classes, and being a part of Buena’s Young and Brave club.

Law switched to Buena this year from El Camino High School. She says her best memory at Buena was her first day, “I like the people here and how many people there are,” she said. Law is currently taking are Honors English, World History, Chemistry, and she is playing basketball. Next year, she is planning to take some AP classes, because she’d like college credit and more of a challenge. Law also joined the Young and Brave club because she is supporting a lot of her close family members who either lost their lives or suffered from cancer.

Law says her role models are her mom and grandfather. She looks up to her mom because “she perseveres, goes above and beyond, and helps anyone she can,” and her grandpa because “he has a PhD. I promised him I would get my medical degree before I was 25.”

After high school, Law either plans on going to Columbia University, because of her love for New York City or Stanford University, located in Northern California. Her ideal career is to be an obstetrician, the field of study focusing on pregnancy and childbirth.

One of Law’s closest friends, Sophomore Cassandra Loroña, whom she met at basketball tryouts and has been friends with for most of the school year, says her favorite things about Law are that “she’s very smart, and she boosts others up.”

Another one of Law’s close friends, freshman Jayla Bratton, who Law had met through basketball and the Black Student Union Club, has also known her throughout this school year. When Bratton talked about what she loved about Law, she said, “I love her genuine truth. She gives you the truth even when you don’t want it.” Bratton says what makes Law literally stand out is her height, which aids her ability to play basketball.


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