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Moses Garman scores in his freshman year

Nicholas Washington/ Photographer

Freshman Moses Garman has gone from attending indoor school in the rainy city of Portland, to sunny Ventura. Garman moved to Ventura in second grade and enjoys the city. He says, “I like Ventura because it’s a lot smaller, a lot of people know each other unlike Portland because it’s a huge city.”

Garman also plays on the frosh/soph basketball team for Buena High School and is considering playing volleyball because his brother has been encouraging him to engage in the sport. Garman plays basketball along with his older brother, Noah Garman, who coaches Buena’s frosh/soph team.

Garman has been playing basketball since the second grade, and says he plays as much as he can because he likes to stay active and enjoys the aspect of playing sports with his friends.

Freshman Tanner Coatsworth, a friend of Garman who also plays for the frosh/soph team said of Garman, “He creates his own weird, funny phrases that we start using in the locker room… we all have inside jokes because of it and have a better bond.”

Grace Ellberg, Garman’s Spanish teacher said, “He is such a joy to have in the classroom… he’s goofy but as a student he takes his work really seriously.”

Aside from basketball, Garman says that his favorite class this year is woodshop by far. Garman explained, “a lot of work goes into some of the projects, so it’s pretty cool to see the outcome.”

Even though Garman has shown an interest in a few activities that Buena has to offer, he actually has a passion for writing, and says he wants to pursue a career in journalism in the future. He states that he hopes to become a sports journalist and takes inspiration from reports on widely known sports television broadcasts such as ESPN. Garman said, “I actually have a passion for journalism, and I plan to study it in the future.”


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