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Manny Mendez Making Mountainous Moves


   Student Manny Mendez excelled in his freshman year at Buena High school, and carries that momentum throughout his sophomore year as well. Mendez is enrolled in honors Chemistry, Math and English, with his favorite subject being English. His reasoning for this favoritism is that the assignments are “not graded based on if you get the answer right; it’s more like how you perform.”

   Along with academically excelling, Mendez is very experienced in the culture of sports, having been playing since the early stages of his youth. “My dad is a big sports guy, so he put me in it when I was young, and now i’ve just played them my whole life,” Mendez said.

   Mendez started playing football and basketball at age seven and baseball at four. Due to this early exposure, Mendez has grown to love sports and plans to play football and basketball through his entire High School career. 

   Although he enjoys playing both sports equally, he has a different outlook on each. Mendez states, “Basketball is just something I would go to the park and play with friends for fun.” While with football, “You’re just focused on the game, and you can just run and hit however you want, as hard and as fast as you want.”

   Fellow sophomore and close friend Jackson Geier states as a person and a friend, “He’s funny, cool and he’s just fun to do stuff with.” Geier also appreciates Mendez’s demeanor explaining, “How loud he is, ‘cause that’s just how I am.”

   Since much of his time is taken up by sports, in his free time he enjoys, “hanging out with friends, listening to music and playing video games.” As for hobbies, “One thing I’ve always kind of wanted to do was try an instrument, like play the guitar or drums or something like that.” However, he plans to wait till after graduation because of his busy schedule.

   With his sophomore year quickly coming to an end, Mendez’s plan is as follows: “I just want to continue playing sports, get decent grades—nothing really too major.”


Food: pizza

Color: blue
song/ genre: rap

Movie: The perfect game 

Genre: comedy

TV show: Lucifer 

Animal: lion 

Drink: Shirley Temple 

Book: Of Mice and Men


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