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Mallely Perez Diaz settles for more


New to Buena’s campus is Mallely Perez-Diaz, who has already established her place on the varsity girls wrestling team on campus. Not only has she found an identity in wrestling, but she also has proved to be very successful, remaining undefeated far into the season. Seeing as it is her first year wrestling with no past experience, Perez-Diaz’ 9-0 record for the opening of her season is impressive. She has had previous experience in gymnastics, cross country, and field hockey, but she has decided to devote all four years of her high school athletic career to wrestling. At the opening of her season, she anticipated learning new techniques, since it’s her first year wrestling. Wrestling assistant coach Keith Allmen says that her success comes from her quick thinking skills on the mat.

   Diaz’ Spanish teacher, Crystal Cahuantzi expressed her admiration for Diaz’ natural abilities in wrestling, saying, “Being a girl and thinking of what she does…she shows empowerment.”

   Showing her Bulldog spirit, not only is she involved in sports, but Perez Diaz is also enrolled in Yearbook. She has an eye for the arts and is putting that to use for Buena’s yearbook. One of her hobbies includes drawing which she enjoys, saying “If there’s something I like, I try to draw it.”

   Another highlighting aspect to Perez Diaz is her passion for the violin. She has played the instrument since the fifth grade, saying, “I just really like the sound of the violin.” Throughout middle school, she played the violin, but now she focuses her time more on wrestling.

   Looking forward, Perez Diaz says that she wants to become a veterinarian. “I really like animals,” she said, and added that dogs are her favorite.

   Perez Diaz’s older sister, senior Melanie Perez-Diaz, describes the relationship she has with her sister as, “She’s my best friend… I think that now that she’s in high school, she’s a freshman and I’m a senior, we’re trying to get closer, and we do more activities at home. We hang out; I get to know her friends, she gets to know my friends.” 


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