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Maleficent breaks out her anger in the big screen


   “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” is a new chapter for Maleficent, guardian of the Moors. The movie is a decent follow up to the first film. The film picks up with Aurora queen of the Moors, being proposed to by Prince Philip of Ulstead. Maleficent and Aurora question the complicated family ties that come with marriage as the kingdom and the Moors are in conflict. 

   I think that the new movie is not necessary to the story of Maleficent but is nonetheless worthwhile. While watching the movie I saw no threat nor risk to the characters but somewhat knew that this movie is going to end in a way like nothing happened. 

   The movie is somewhat predictable with some familiar themes which frequently appear in other movies, overall does not take away from the movie experience. The visuals in the film are stunning with realistic landscapes and cities with incredible detail. The lighting and ambience made it all come together in a way making it feel like your first time wearing glasses. The CGI did not make the movie look cheesy or fake, in fact it made the movie appear more realistic.  

   Throughout the film, each scene with Maleficent draws you in especially when she’s appears to be upset or angry. Maleficent leaves or has a connection to all of the characters even if she has never met them. She leaves them scared or relieved like she is a god, a savior, the cure to conflict. With that I think it makes the film more believable and the connections more real.  

   I give this film a four out of five bulldogs. If the film gave more insight into Maleficent’s motives or a little emotion. I think it would have made the movie more pleasing to watch. The movie only brushes the surface of Maleficent’s real feelings. It would have made for good character development and had made it easier for future Maleficent films if more were to be made. 

   In conclusion, if you are a fan of the first film you should definitely watch the movie. For those who haven’t seen the first installment it may be a little confusing but it still holds entertainment value with its amazing cinematography and compelling narrative.  


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