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Madeline Caulkins Does it All


   Madeline Caulkins, also known as “Maddie”, is a junior who participates in the Wind Ensemble class at Buena, and gymnastics for an outside gym. She is tasked with juggling her school, music, and gymnastic life each and every day. 

   During school, Caulkins attends many time consuming courses, such as Spanish 3, AP Biology, AP Language, and Wind Ensemble Honors. Her ultimate goal for all of high school is to enjoy her time here but also keep her “grades high.” So far she feels her experience has been fun as she has been able to find “really great friends and [she] loves to meet new people”.

   She enjoys her time the most in music as for her, it is a low-stress environment, which stand in stark contrast to her other classes. The music director, James Rumenapp, feels that as a student and musician, Caulkins is “incredibly hard-working, talented, and consistently serves as a great leader.”

     After school, Caulkins maintains an extremely busy schedule, especially when gymnastics is in season. As a level nine gymnast, who has continued the sport for almost fourteen years now, she spends 20.5 hours a week practicing in the gym. Gymnastics is more than just her hobby, it is a passion as well. She has put in a lot of hard work which she claims is “motivated the most by college and food.” 

   Caulkins awaits her future, working to get into a 4-year university anywhere in the country. She dreams of being an occupational therapist, which is similar to a physical therapist, but works with smaller parts of the body as well as with the brain. One of Caulkins best friends, Anese Thompson, believes that with her positive, everyday attitude, Caulkins with will have a “very successful, thriving, and happy” future. 

   It is obvious Caulkins has a great group of people surrounding her and she is much loved person. For example, Thompson explains that “what she is doing is perfect… she’s the best.” Mr. Rumenapp, describes her as a “warm, bubbly, and kind individual and she always has a smile on her face even when faced with extremely difficult challenges.”


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