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Lilija Stevenson takes on her freshman year

Penelope Peretiako/ Photographer

Freshman Lilija Stevenson is currently taking all AP and honors classes, along with drama, which is her favorite class. After high school, Stevenson wants pursue a career in theater, acting or designing costumes.

Aside from her school work, Stevenson is on the cross country team. Stevenson has been in cross country since 6th grade and stuck with it ever since. The difference between cross country in high school and in 6th grade is that’s its more challenging and more pressure is added in high school cross country.

When asked how she manages to balance school work, and spending times with her friends. Stevenson said, “Well, I always make sure my homework is done so that I have time after school for friends. It also helps that most of my friends are in cross country with me.” Stevenson says she has a very good support system with her friends, family, teachers and coaches leading her way through life.

Stevenson has been in sports since she was in 6th grade, so that meaning she knows alot about teamwork and how dedicated she really is. Stevenson states, “One of the main things I learned about teamwork is believe in your teammates. When the other girls cheer me on, it would make me feel better. And when I cheered the other girls on, it made them feel better. When you’re out there running the course it makes you feel good to know that someone thinks you can do it.”

Stevenson’s closest friend, junior Lou Alzamora, has been friends with her since she transferred from Arizona. Azamora says he and Stevenson share common interests such as following Grace Jones who is a Jamaican-American supermodel, singer, songwriter, and actress.

Alzamora said, “Lilija was very quiet but once I started hanging out with her was a very cool person and fun to be around also, she can keep a scene going so I applaud her for that.”


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