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Life after quarantine release


  Life after quarantine will not be the same due to temporary measures that will be taken in public places to ensure our citizens health. When life does start to shift back into what we once called normal, it will still be very different than before the pandemic of COVID-19. Public settings will have to take precautions when they begin to allow people in. 

   According to Governor Newsom, as of Friday, May 8, some stores, especially clothing in California will be allowed to reopen. However, physical distancing and other restrictions had to be kept. Businesses that are not going to reopen soon include restaurants and malls which will either remain closed or provide pick up and delivery services.   

   In an article about reopening restaurants, a restaurant in the Bay Area named Sapore Italiano Ristorante, co-owned by Elio Durzo, has reported to prepare for reopening to accommodate to COVID-19 restrictions. They have set up glass dividers between tables and have also started to manufacture the use of one time use materials such as paper menus. Employees, both in restaurants and other stores, will also be required to continue wearing masks and sometimes gloves. These measures are recommended for all stores and restaurants once they reopen.

   Although the governor did give the permission to reopen, not all communities must do so. The communities that feel that it is going to harm them, can remain closed for their own benefit. This reopening is marking the beginning of Phase 2 of the pandemic. 

   Governor Newsom has announced that we will soon be moving on to stage 3 of the reopening process. It will include the slow reopening sporting events without live audience, nail salons, and other “workplaces that necessitate close proximity between people”. Eventually, the goal is to be able to reopen dine-in restaurants, but maintain guidelines to ensure public health.

   Throughout the next couple of weeks we should continue to do our part in ensuring our community’s health. Staying in is still the preferred option, but shopping locally can be done. Our health is the priority and the governor does have the power to delay reopening if people begin to abuse the new guidelines.


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