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Lezanne cheers through her junior year


Lezanne Touma a junior, is eager to succeed. She is involved in multiple extracurriculars at Buena including AVID, CSF club, and Buena’s varsity cheer team. Lezanne prepares and plans for her college goals in AVID and still makes time to give back to her community and volunteer at local events such as marathons and fairs.

 Lezanne excels in her classes at Buena as well as on the sidelines at many of Buena’s sporting events. Lezanne is the recipient of the Heart of Gold award within Buena’s varsity cheer team. She received this recognition for exhibiting positive and optimistic traits as well as radiating a “good vibe” towards her teammates. 

Her favorite elements of being a part of Buena’s varsity cheer team is the bond she has created with all of her teammates as well as the support, confidence, and encouragement that her teammates express towards her. Lezanne has created new friendships within the team that she “will never regret”. Her coach and middle school teacher Lauren Lanski has known her for many years and describes her as a “wonderful young women”.  

            Lezanne enjoys reading, cleaning/organizing, watching movies, shopping, and spending time with friends during her free time. Lezanne is a positive, upbeat individual who strives for greatness. Her best friend junior Lauryn Henson admires her “good heart” and her “super sweet” personality. 

Lezanne has big plans for her future; she hopes to attend a 4 year university directly after high school. Her favorite schools include California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo and the University of Southern California. She hopes to attend one of these schools, although she is still undecided. 

She is currently enrolled in an AP Biology course at Buena with hopes that it will prepare her for her future studies. She plans to attend dental school after university to accomplish her dream of becoming a dentist. Lezanne makes a positive impact on Buena’s campus with her friendliness and compassion for others. She is driven to make her dreams a reality and exhibits that through dedication and hard work.  


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