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K-pop brings new “pop” to pop culture


Everybody knows the jingle to the song “Gangnam Style” which was a breakout song from the K-pop genre. Pop is influential of everyday life and continues to grow more popular throughout the years. Just recently Korean hip pop has also grown throughout the world. K-pop has been around for a while, the artist that became a pivotal role for Korean hip pop, goes by the name of PSY. He came out with his famous song called “Gangnam Style” July 15, 2012. 

   PSY is known domestically for his humorous videos and stage performances. His song achieved international recognition becoming the first youtube video to gain one billion views. 

   Psy paved the way for another band gaining international recognition to the K-pop movement, BTS. Their name in Korean translates to Bangtan Soyeondan and in English they are known as the Bangtan Boys. The group consists of seven members who were all born in South Korea, and were living a normal life until they were signed by Big Hit Entertainment. Their music covers topics that are relatable to everyday life and often cover difficult topics such as depression and breakups. 

    The first award was given to BTS in Korea in 2015, they received a golden disc for rookie artist and along the years they appeared on the Billboards, iHeartRadio, Kids’ Choice Award, and the American Music Awards with other American artists. Their music gave many inspirations to people globally, their first world tour in US sold out. They are the first Korean band to sell out the Rosebowl stadium sitting about 113,040 people. 

   Michelle Rodriguez, a junior at Buena high school, being one of the millions of people that listens to K-pop says, “K-pop is offering something different from what you are usually hearing. One group that I listen to a lot is BTS because of the messages they put out in their music.” 

   There are many groups that help people with the difficult things they are going through. BTS is a group that had many dreams when they were starting out as trainees, throughout the years their dreams were coming true. One of their biggest campaigns is promoting self-love within and they campaigned with UNICEF. The collaboration with BTS was an anti-violence campaign which lasted 2 years and it was to end violence. The global campaign aimed at the protection of young people so they could live without the fear of violence. 

   Throughout the years now you can see how K-pop is influencing people all over the world and taking over charts slowly. With the growing popularity of K-pop groups, we can expect the music charts will be full of diversity of artists and songs. 


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