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Jonathan Urbina, a master of fabrication

Senior, Jonathan Urbina an aspiring wielder. Photographer/ Jaxon Silva

If you are looking for Jonathan Urbina you can usually find him in room 151 working on a welding project. Jon Urbina, a senior, has been taking welding classes for two years. According to teacher Royce Bassett, “Jon is the best fabricator, he never complains — except about spiders.” Urbina said “I like working with my hands,” adding “I thought welding was an interesting class that not many people talk about.”

  He never switched outside because it was a hands-on class and during time out of school he likes to work with classmate Isaiah Ventura. They usually work on cars and bikes. This experience led Urbina to favor hands-on skill classes. In the class students work on welding or fabrication, which is referred to as forging, but Urbina enjoys the welding part of the class the most.

  Urbina’s favorite type of welding is arc which creates electrical current so hot that it melts the metal. He enjoys this way of welding over any other because “it’s easy to hold the stinger” and “it’s challenging but just the right amount where it’s not too difficult” said Urbina.

  Those entering Bassett’s class will instantly see many forging projects which former and current students have made for him. Urbina is currently working on a bench to add to Bassett’s collection of projects.

    Urbina then went on to explain how to further a career in welding: “After learning the basics of welding, you take classes or get experience to advance your skill after you receive a certificate which gives you the ability to get a job.” Urbina said. Urbina is getting a head start by taking ROP classes which after school on Mondays and Wednesdays, Just recently, Urbina got an internship to NTT Repair and fabrication. After this Jon plans to pursue a career in pipeline welding.


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