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Jon Barton exhibits his dedication to football


   Some people flourish where they’re planted, and one such example is Buena’s junior Jon Barton

   Barton has been playing football since third grade, saying, “I played from third grade and I haven’t stopped since…I was asking to play since I was a kindergartener, but my parents wouldn’t let me until third grade.” Barton started playing for the Ventura Packers and then later for Buena as back up running back.

   Junior Noah Velasco has played for Packers with Barton since seventh grade and says, “He’s a good runner.”

   Obviously, football has been a big part of Barton’s life from a young age. “He’s really dedicated to the sport,” Velasco confirms. 

   Not only is he dedicated to the sport, but his talent has been recognized. Barton said, “Through all my Packers career I was defensive player of the year,” which is an honor that the coaches give to a chosen player. Even more recently, he received the offensive player of the year award while playing for Buena’s JV team. 

   When asked what he enjoys most about the sport, he said, “The friendships you make when you’re playing and the closer you get to people.”

   While football is his career currently, in the future, Barton looks to pursue a career in arborism. With his father owning a business, The Tree Guy, Barton plans to take over the company. His first steps include getting an associates degree in business from Ventura College, and continuing on to get a bachelor’s degree in arborism.

Favorite Color: green

Favorite Song: emotions by ian doir

Favorite Show: the walking dead

Favorite Animal: koala


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