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Jackie Starr the JV Starr


A freshman at Buena High school, Jackie Starr recently just finished her first water polo season as a high school student. Starr has been playing water polo for two years now and has grown a strong love for the sport. Starr has always been a very kind person, her best friend Hannah Miller, also a freshman at buena high school says “Jackie is always smiling, putting people before herself, and very hardworking.”  

When Starr first tried water polo, she was forced by her dad, and after her first club practice she came home with a smile on her face saying that she could not wait for the next practice. Starr’s dad knew about water polo because her older brother Dale played for Foothill Technology High school.

Starr plays two meter offense and two meter defense. She says, “water polo is a very aggressive sport and you have to be very tough to play it,  but it’s so fun when you really get into the game and especially when you’re winning and having fun!” Next year, for the water polo season, her goals are to score a lot and become an even better teammate.

Starr has really enjoyed her high school experience and can’t wait for the years to come. She really enjoys break and lunch because she gets to spend time with all her friends to laugh and have a good time. Starr states that “Buena is really fun and I would not want to go anywhere else.” When talking to her english teacher Jessica Castaneda, she said “if I could describe Jackie in three words it would be empathetic, friendly, and bright, she always has a smile on her face.”

After high school, Starr wants to go straight to a four year university and go to medical school. She wants to go to Michigan State for medical School. Her goals in life are to become an orthodontist. On Starr’s free time she loves hanging out with her friends and being her goofy self. She hopes that her role in her lifetime is to be the best that she can be. 

In Starr’s off season of water polo, she is on the swim team at buena. She enjoys swimming and being  part of such a big team that she thinks of as family. As swim season approaches she wants to accomplish her own goals, like breaking her personal record and strengthening her swimming skills. As Starr approaches the rest of her high school years she looks forward to making new friends and accomplishing great things in her school  work and many other things. Starr wants to be a role model for her friends and always do the right thing in life. 


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