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Jack Rowley swings into Baseball season

Sophomore Jack Rowley. Photographer Rodolfo Vitela.

“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right.” This is sophomore Jack Rowley’s favorite quote —It suits him perfectly.

“ He’s such a cool guy. I love to just hang and skate together,” said rowley’s good friend, sophomore Kai Henry.

Rowley plays both soccer and baseball at Buena High School. He is both a first and third baseman for the frosh baseball team and a goalie for the frosh soccer team.

“Playing sports has definitely been a highlight of my high school years. I have made so many friends and so many memories,” said Rowley.

While going to school six hours a day and playing two sports with a solid workload of homework doesn’t sound fun to anyone, Rowley makes it seem easy by obtaining a GPA of 3.0 or higher and also finds time to pursue his interests in the fire explorers program.

Rowley stated, “My future plan is to become a firefighter. I’ve always dreamed of being one and just recently I had an interview for a fire explorer program.”

Sophomore Carissa Robles shard  her opinion of Rowley’s personality as being very loveable and social. Robles stated, “The best thing about Jack’s personality would have to be how outgoing he is, I’m not sure I’ve ever been with him in public where someone doesnt know him or he doesnt know someone there. He is for sure a people person.”

As many know, Rowley’s mom  is Claire Rowley, a social science teacher at Buena High School. While many highschoolers see school as a nice break from being around their parents, Rowley enjoys having his mom on campus.

“I dig having my mom on campus. She’s really cool, and she lets me go to her room and study and bring my friends in and hang,” he said.


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