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    Is Disney + the better streaming network?


       With the year 2019 having come to an end the new streaming network known as Disney + rocked the internet, making its debut on Nov. 12, gaining more than 10 million users the very next day.

       Disney plus has only been on the app store for a few short months but has already accumulated a subscription count of more than 24 million users with the price per month resting at $7. The owner is as expected, the Walt Disney Company who are also the owners of ABC, Pixar, Marvel and ESPN. 

       This streaming service focuses on “family oriented entertainment” and does not feature R-rated or TV mature content. A notable attribute to the app is that they have over 7,000 TV series and 500 films.

       The production companies featured on the app include Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox, National Geographic and lastly original content. Such as the Mandalorian, the Falcon and the Winter Soldier and High School Musical: The Musical.  

       As expected, many students at Buena enjoy using this streaming network. Among them is sophomore Moses Garman who said, “It’s just smart to put all those Disney shows and movies on one app. So people don’t have to have multiple streaming services and it’s more convenient than having a bunch of CD’s.”

       Although Disney plus is loved by many, some people still favor its competitor Netflix, including sophomore Manny Mendez. “I prefer Netflix the best, because I think it has the most variety of TV shows and movies,”said Mendez. In this he is not wrong since Netflix still has a content count of 4,010 movies and 1,569 TV shows. 

       The events leading to both the creation and drop of Disney + is as follows. Disney’s content deal with Netflix ended in 2019 and instead of renewing it, they decided to use software created for ESPN+ to make a Disney-branded streaming service. Thus, Disney plus was created and due to its vigorous popularity it was a good marketing move. 

       As the app continues to grow, Disney lovers can hope for possibly content that covers a wide variety of age groups rather than just kids and family. As well as maybe even content from other beloved childhood channels such as Nickelodeon or Disney XD.


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