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Irene Lara shoots for greatness

Penelope Peretiako/ Photographer

Junior Irene Lara, is busy Buena Bulldog, involved in soccer and clubs such as Interact and CSF, of which she is the vice president.

Lara says she gets her motivation from her mother and younger sister. “I can always go to [my mom] and she is always there,” She said, adding that she wants to be a good example for her younger sister

Currently on the JV soccer team Lara started playing soccer when she was five years old currently on the JV soccer team. She likes to “Show what I’m capable of.” Lara also says that was the only sport that she is attached to.

Her school day usually begins with going to morning practice where she normally does stretching lines and warm ups. “The team is great, we all get along, we also all are there to try to help one another and grow as an individual player.”

Along with playing soccer, Lara also enjoys being involved in AVID, which she describes as having “college speakers and tutorials and work that relates to college.”

She said, “It’s taught me to be organized and showed me that you have to put in the work to reach your goals…It has really helped me stay focused and organized. It has really helped me to improve the way I look at colleges and want I want to do in the future.”

A friend of Lara, junior Jasmine Nune’s describes her as “the nicest person you’ll ever meet,” and “a really hard worker.” Nunes also says that she is nonjudgmental, trustworthy, selfless, and helpful to all.

Lara wants to be an entrepreneur as her career choice. What she’s doing now to pursue her career is that she is “Staying focused in school, and just being able to challenge myself.” As well as being involved as much as I can whether it’s in sports, clubs any community service opportunities.” She is planning on going to Oregon State University because the school offers a entrepreneurship major and she has a lot of family in Oregon. She considers Oregon her favorite place because it’s “peaceful and very green.”


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