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Impeachment Hearings: Takeaways


 The ability to approach contentious situations or topics with objectivity is paramount to productive, meaningful conduct between citizens of a democracy, especially young people who are still forming their own opinions on the matter. Being respected as a teenager or considered for a role in public discourse by our older counterparts starts with being able to manifest thoughtful, intelligent opinions on complicated matters; the process of this Presidential impeachment, and the two before it, are needlessly complicated. Our goal in writing this article isn’t to make you feel a certain way or rob you of your own personal observations, but to simply argue that the hysteria surrounding the impeachment stymies the judgment of the American people.

   The result of Donald Trump’s election was not only stringent criticism and praise from various politicians, but intense media coverage of the administration, with facts taking a backseat to     eye-grabbing headlines that seem to pander to both sides of the political spectrum. With scandal after scandal plaguing the administration, it seemed to be only a matter of time before congress initiated an internal investigation. 

   To try and explain the details of the investigation, in the current storm of differing information, is extremely difficult. So instead, we’d like to address the flourishing misconceptions that surround the impeachment hearing. Firstly, for those who oppose the impeachment process, understand that impeaching a president is not the same as removing a president. To impeach a president simply means to open an investigation into the allegations that are brought against them, and if said president is truly innocent of the charges, compliance is the historically appropriate reaction. The process begins with an impeachment inquiry by the House on account of a majority vote, which happened back in late September of 2019. The senate ultimately decides to remove the president after the hearings take place, requiring a ⅔ majority vote after the investigation takes place. For those who support the removal of our current president, you must be fully aware of who will replace him. In situations of impeachment, the Vice President is put in office to finish the term. If you dislike the views and policies of Donald Trump, chances are you disagree with vice president Mike Pence even more vehemently. 

            According to Politifact, an estimated 32 to 40 million dollars were spent in order to fund the impeachment hearings and trials. Now, is this really necessary? Is this a good use of hard-earned, taxpayer money? Some could argue that it is a resourceful use of taxpayer money in order to terminate the president. However, we observe that by proceeding with the hearings, it is a waste of time and money to continue funding an investigation that would eventually lead to no advancement or positive progress in our current political climate. Furthermore, there are many other long standing predicaments that could be concentrated on besides the argument of whether or not president Trump was unconstitutional during his term in office. For example, the long standing issues of immigration, abortion rights, wage-inequality, and homelessness, to name a few.
   The most recent Gallup poll shows that Trump’s approval ratings have increased throughout the country since the impeachment inquiry was opened, with 45 percent of registered voters approving of the “job he’s doing” compared to his lowest approval rating of 35 percent in December of 2017. This information, paired with the unlikely result of Trump’s removal by the senate, shows evidence of a probable victory in the 2020 presidential election. As of writing this article, the articles of impeachment are being held by the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who’s halted the investigation due to recent conflicts with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Hopefully, as the New Year begins, people everywhere can set their differences aside and come together to peacefully coexist despite any adversities we may face. 


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