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Haley Howard on her A game, scoring As

Junior Hailey Howard. Photographer /Jaxon Silva

Born and raised in Ventura county, junior Haley Howard is a student who is shooting for goals in life and in soccer. Howard (Haley often goes by her last name) stays busy between training to be a better versatile player for soccer and also maintaining her close to perfect grades that she’s still trying to improve.

Before Howard could even spell her full name, she was already learning how to play soccer. Soccer has been a passion of Howard her entire life which is noticeable when she’s on the field by being able to see the skills and passion she has while playing.

Fellow teammate and best friend Addy Ramirez said,“ Howard is definitely a key player and is always ready to play and give it her all, she moved positions throughout the whole season but definitely worked hard and was a beast in every position.” Although able to play most positions, Howard’s main position is midfield which places her in the center of the field having equal responsibility of defending against the other team while trying to keep the ball moving towards the opposing goal. With her love for soccer, she says she would like to continue playing after high school but will most likely focus on college.

Dedicated to her dreams, Howard makes sure she never misses an assignment and studies profusely for every test reaching for the best grades possible. Howard goes above and beyond because she wants her record to look as best as it can so she can be accepted to the University of Oregon, where she plans on majoring in nursing and medicine to later become a nurse which she has been wanting to become for a long time.

Howard says her grandfather inspired her to become the hardworking and kind person she is. “I chose my grandpa because he started with nothing and worked his way up and now he owns his own business and is very successful,” she said.

While in school, Howard may be considered quiet but proves her worth with her actions in class and on the field. According to Ramirez, even though she’s shy when you get to know her, she carries around a “positive energy” all the time.

Howard says her best moments for her at Buena have been meeting new friends that would “last me a lifetime.”


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