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Griffin Johnston shoots, scores

Nicholas Washington/ Photographer

Water polo isn’t necessarily the easiest sport; players must have pretty decent leg strength to be able to keep their torso above the water for long periods of time, even jumping out of it at times to make a goal. A lot of hard work and practice goes into playing the water sport.

Sophomore Griffin Johnston, however, makes all that practice look easy as pie. His position as a defensive player puts him in one of the trickier places in the game, since he has to predict the moves of the opposing players in order to protect the ball.

Senior Mike Givens, a fellow water polo player, said that Johnston is an overall kind and caring person. Givens finds his best qualities to be his humor and genuineness. “I don’t think you’ve ever lied to me,” Givens said to Johnston, who laughed and said, “Neither do I.”

Although Johnston loves playing water polo, his plans for the future are far from the pool. Johnston hopes to study etymology ﹘ the study of insects’ ﹘ in college.  His favorite insect is the dancing peacock spider, which is a very colorful spider in the jumping spider family that has an interesting mating dance. The insect is native to Australia, so don’t worry about getting “jumped.”

In his free time over the summer, Johnston worked as a counselor at R.M. Pyles Boys Camp, a two-week summer camp in Valencia targeted for low-income or otherwise disadvantaged teenage boys. The camp focuses on play, fraternity, and overall well-being. He says he greatly enjoys helping kids his age find themselves and have fun.

Johnston looks forward to his next three years at Buena. “I love being here mainly because it’s a place away from home,” he said. He says all of his classes are going well, but his favorite is, predictably, water polo.


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