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Grayson Button prepares for the show

Nicholas Washington/ Photographer

“I just want to be happy. That’s winning it all.” This quote by pop-star Kesha, and is junior Grayson Button’s life quote. Button plays an active role in Buena High School’s drama department, with his last role of Steve in the play “Almost Maine.”

“I’ve done improv since second grade, and I later started acting the summer before seventh grade at the Rubicon theater as an after school activity. It wasn’t until later that I really fell into it,” Button explained with a smile.

Button’s next role is Buena’s spring drama production “Chicago” in the role of lawyer Billy Flynn.

Button has a twin brother, Colby Button, who also attends Buena. Colby explained, “He’s super funny as well as caring, and he always knows how to make people laugh.”

Senior Elijah (Eli) Moreno, a close friend of Grayson, has acted alongside Button for the last two years. Moreno expressed gratitude toward him saying, “Grayson is super energetic and always nice to everyone. His talent is definitely a good attribution to the drama department.”

Button became a member of the Bulldog family since the beginning of the 2018 school year. Grayson was a transfer student from Foothill Technology, explaining, “I started my junior year here at Buena. I transferred because I loved what I saw from Buena’s theater production, and I wanted to be in a bigger pond,” adding, “I am extremely happy with the switch. I love Buena.”

Junior Gwen Armstrong, who also has acted alongside of Grayson shares her thoughts on his hard work and his work ethic. “Grayson is extremely hardworking and pours himself into everything he loves. I admire his sense of humor and the way he works so hard at everything he does,” Armstrong said.


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