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Girls Water Polo Ends With A Splash


      The girls’ varsity water polo team began their season against Fillmore High School and won on Dec.16 2019 for our bulldogs. The next two games started with beating Channel Islands 26-1 and Oxnard 7-6. Then again on Jan. 18, 2020 the varsity team brought home another victory against Hueneme by a score of 15-1.

     For our JV team Buena vs. Cabrillo scored 19-5, a great way to start the tournament, they definitely had set the tone for the beginning of the tournament. Both Jackie Starr and Mikayla Salas scored four goals each; Amanda Chacon, Marisa Fernandez, Kathryn Salazar, Devin Varela, and Gabby Swaim all scored two goals apiece and Amy Garcia scored one goal while goalie Reina Davilla had 10 saves.

     Ella Maul Latham senior, defender said, “coming together as a team this season was great by talking with one another.” Latham said the most challenging opponent of the season was Santa Ynez. Who the lady bulldogs played on Jan. 8 with an outcome of 17-5. Latham continued, “we could have beaten them because they were at the same skill level as us; it got onto our heads from last time we played them we lost”. 

     Violet Delgado, offensive whole set said “this season was good. We had a new coach and a lot of players in the program so it went really well including we had more spirit this season”. Delgado continued “how we grew is we have a solid coach now. Having a stable coach can balance us and teach us on how to improve our team making it stronger and develop a good game mode”.

      The girl’s water polo season this year had many twists and turns but that is what makes a team stronger and our Buena water polo athletes are ready for next season to send them towards success. 


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