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Evan Hiser stays wiser in the pool

Nicholas Washington/ Photographer

   Evan Hiser, a junior at Buena High School, is one of the many scholar athletes representing the school and his Bulldog pride. A goalie for the Buena’s varsity boys water polo team, as well as a student in four AP classes, Hiser is known as a friendly and outgoing face to his close friends and family.

For Hiser, boys water polo is a passion that has developed over the past few years. Recalling his first experience with playing water polo, the summer before his freshman year, Hiser admits that he initially had no desire to play the sport. Strongly encouraged by his father, who was a former high school water polo player, Hiser said that he “had no love for the game at all, and really wanted to just quit the sport.”

It wasn’t until he was approached to by former coach Kyle Robinson about becoming a goalie that Hiser began to appreciate the sport. “Throughout the past couple of years of playing water polo, it’s really strengthened me as a person, made me push through the hard obstacles that are thrown at me in life,” said Hiser.

Fellow players on the team are also glad to have a devoted teammate like Hiser. Junior Michael Andrews, a varsity water polo player, remarked that Hiser is “pretty killer” as a teammate, as well as “reliable.”

As a student athlete, Hiser manages to keep up his academics with four AP classes, as well as a third year in Spanish. His schedule includes AP Chemistry, AP Calculus AB, AP English Language and Composition, and AP U.S. History. After high school, Hiser is planning to attend a four-year university, one in which playing water polo is an option. His goal is to “get that education as well as play water polo at a university.”

With a commitment to his athletics and academics, Hiser is described as being a kind and humorous friend to those around him. Madison Geier, a junior who’s known Hiser since the third grade, said, “He talks to everybody! He’s super outgoing and friendly!”

Andrews, who has been friends with Hiser since seventh grade, agreed. “He’s a really nice guy and he knows how to make people laugh,” he said.

Hiser himself joked, “I’m very expressive — that’s a good choice of words.”


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