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Erick Sonnenschein starts out a strong sophomore year

Photo by Vanessa Corrales

Balancing Cross Country and track with rigorous academic classes, sophomore Erick Sonnenschein perseveres through the start of another year at Buena.

His friends and teachers agree that Sonnenschein is a kind and very hard working individual who cares for others.  His friend Mario Garner said of Sonnenschein, “Erick is a very nice caring person who cares for his friends and others very well.”

His English 10 honors teacher Antoinette Perez expressed similar sentiments. Perez said,“Sonnenschein is hard-working, dedicated and very respectful.” Though not currently taking any, Sonnenschein plans to take all AP classes his junior year, including AP Calculus and AP Language.

Though Sonnenschein is not sure of what career he is interested in pursuing he said, “I’ve been leaning towards more technology-based subject [career]”. With his impressive running abilities, running 4:55 on the 1600 meter(mile) race, a 2:09 on the 800 meter race and 56.95 seconds on the 400 meters race.   Sonnenschein hopes to get a dual academic and track scholarship.

Another goal he has for himself this year is improving his track times.  “I plan on getting a sub 2:00 800 meter sub 4:40 mile[1600 meter race]  and a 00:52 400 meter,” Sonnenschein said. He is also looking forward to doing better in Cross Country this year and is making progress towards that goal. Most recently he is doing 2 minutes and 11 seconds better on the Hoka 2 mile compared to last year and having a 2 minute 19.21 second improvement in the Woodbridge HS Cross Country Classic. Overall, Sonnenschein is having a strong start to a new year at Buena.



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