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Dylan Walker Walks the Path of Success


   Senior Dylan Walker has paved the way for his future in college, recently being accepted to the highly competitive Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “I was really in shock to be honest because I was not expecting it at all,” Walker said.

   In terms of his preparation for college, Walker explained that watching his first college reaction video was the “catalyst” in his venture towards getting accepted into a good college. Walker has also had some experience in visiting colleges. He described, “I was accepted to a two week research shadowing program for chemistry at Stanford which was very helpful. I also went to Brown for a week to take an intro to engineering course. Applying to fly in programs for minority students really helped me a lot and exposed me to a lot of universities.” 

   At MIT, Walker hopes to become a professional researcher, “probably in something chemistry related.” He has had the support of Buena’s science teacher Richard Smith as Walker took both Honors and AP Chemistry during his time at Buena. “I really like that he took the initiative in pursuing those opportunities; that just speaks highly of him,” Smith said about Walker’s early involvement in programs at several universities. “He readily mixes with students, he’s good at explaining, and he’s friendly.”

   Walker is very involved on campus, so much that he started his own club, the Buena Scholar Society. At their meetings, the members talk about academics in their classes as well as college related topics. Walker is also involved in soccer here at Buena as he played in throughout all four years of high school in the position of left back.

   Seniorand best friend Nathan Hemming says that Walker is “very inspiring… he is the most dedicated person I know.” Hemming also adds that he is very funny and personable. .

   In terms of academics, Walker is very well rounded. Here at Buena, Walker is enrolled in AP German, AP Physics, AP Economics, AP Calculus BC, and AP Literature. He says that he especially enjoys calculus, “I really like the people in the class, and the overall culture of the class. The overall environment is very conducive to learning.”    Walker says that grades are important “but it’s really what you learn from it.” He believes that “as long as you grew from high school, then it was a worthwhile experience. If you were


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