Home Personality Dominick Fiscalini leaves his ‘tracks’ on the world through music and literature

Dominick Fiscalini leaves his ‘tracks’ on the world through music and literature

Nicholas Washington/ Photographer

Senior Dominick Fiscalini, is known as a positive student at Buena, has set high goals for himself and his future college career.

Fiscalini explained, “I really enjoy math, I don’t necessarily mind where I go next year, as long as they have a good math program.” Fiscalini is currently taking AP Physics, Government and Economics and the most impressive math — multivariable calculus, which he is taking at Ventura College.

His favorite classes are English and Multivariable calculus. He enjoys English because “Ms. Tomb actually challenges the class in philosophy and deep level thinking.”

Fiscalini enjoys writing and is currently writing a fantasy novel. “The novel is a supernatural story about a boy who has to travel through other planets and other universes in order to find his roots and origins while making his way up the ‘food chain’ of the omniverse,” Fiscalini said.

His goal is to one day publish his novel. “I’d consider it a goal to publish a novel one day because I think my story is really developed at this point and I want to share my brain with other people,” he said.

Fiscalini also has a YouTube channel dedicated to his electronic dance music (EDM). The reason why he makes music is because “I like the feeling I get when I create something of my own.” Fiscalini’s YouTube channel is called Dom Yeah.

Senior and best friend Blaine Mensa’s first impressions of Fiscalini when they met at Balboa Middle School is that he is “Tall, quiet, and brilliant.” He also says that Fiscalini’s defining characteristics is that he is “stubborn but not in an annoying way and set in his believes.” One thing that Mensa points out is that Fiscalini has “talent” and a “good work ethic.”


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