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Dia de los Muertos, a celebration of life

Lailah Teasdale, Emily Bradvica, Grace Elberg celebrating at Dia De Los Muertos.

The 2017 Buena Dia De Los Muertos was colorful and eventful. As Spanish teacher Grace Ellberg said, “It was like walking through a small street in Mexico.” On Wednesday, Nov. 1, Buena held its fifth annual Dia De Los Muertos celebration. Lights and colors vibrantly illuminated the night while music and dancers kept to the rhythm during the celebration.

Buena’s Spanish Club was responsible for the drinks and face painting at the event, and students in the Spanish classes made the decorations. Co-president of Spanish Club, senior Anna Flores, said Dia De Los Muertos brings Buena together culturally.“People go to the event and they have fun and bring their family, and everyone feels involved because they’re either at a booth or made an altar or got their face painted or they eat the food,” she said.

Dia De Los Muertos is a cultural celebration of life rather than death. This Mesoamerica-originated holiday is a beautiful festival remembering the lives of those who have passed away, honoring them and their time on earth.

Flores described the purpose of the celebration as “not mourning the people who passed away; it’s celebrating the life that they lived.”

Spanish Club also sponsors an annual poster contest for Dia De Los Muertos. “We wanted the poster to reflect Buena and Dia De Los Muertos,” said Spanish Club co-president senior Lauren Bromund. Bromund also explained that the event’s goal was “to have a successful community event that celebrated and paid homage to the actual event that started in Mexico.”

Spanish teachers Emily Bradvica and Ellberg share the belief that this year “the students worked together better than ever before,” as Bradvica put it. Ellberg found the change from Aztec dancers to folklorico dancers was a success and a joy to watch. Teachers also expressed how they had much more parent involvement this year. Both Bradvica and Ellberg gave a special thanks to Bromund and Tanushree Pal for their great deal of participation in the celebration and the planning.


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