Home Personality Devin Johnson is on his way to shoot and score his dreams

Devin Johnson is on his way to shoot and score his dreams

Nicholas Washington/ Photographer

Sophomore Devin Johnson spends a lot of his time playing basketball with friends and is very dedicated to his schoolwork, since he wants to make it into the NBA.

Johnson, who said he spends a majority of his time practicing basketball,  is a shooting guard on the JV Buena basketball team and also plays on a club basketball team with some of his closest friends.

He says basketball is his favorite sport. “Since there’s five people on the court. You have an opportunity to shine everyday. I got interested in playing basketball because I played at a young age and my dad was a basketball player,” he said.

According to Johnson there are highs and lows about the team. Some of the positives are being “team-disciplined and being able to be a leader.” As for the negatives, “the team gets down about losses, but we take that fuel for the next game.”

A good friend of Johnson, Sophomore Mario Moreno, who met each other in the fifth grade on an AYSO soccer team, said, “You got to love his energy regardless how you’re feeling. That guy will really have you put in a good mood,” Three words Moreno used to describe Johnson were “fun, kind, and positive.”

One of Johnson’s teachers, science teacher Robert Johnstone, describes Johnson as a “good kid.” According to Johnstone, “He’s a positive influence with high energy,” adding that he has “a pleasant personality and can succeed at anything.”

Johnson’s quote to live by is “Just be yourself. Life is too short to be someone else.”  Talking about his future plans, Johnson said if he doesn’t play professional basketball, he would like to become a physical therapist.


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