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Darlene Do spins her way to success

Junior Darlene Do. Photography / Jaxon Silva

As a co-captain of Buena High School’s colorguard, junior Darlene Do has been busy over the past several months competing in competitions around the Ventura and Northern Los Angeles Counties.

Along with leading the colorguard with co-captain Shay Traverse, Do is taking two AP courses with a seven-period day.

Stacie Cooke, one of the colorguard coaches said, “I’ve definitely seen [Do] grow up a lot. . . . She’s very very talented, an amazing performer, and an amazing dancer. She is growing to become a great leader.”

Kalee Webb, a sophomore in the colorguard, described Do as “more of a sister to me than a friend.” Webb also said Do can “always change my mood from a bad one to a good one no matter the situation. There has been a number of occasions where we have been at practice and I wasn’t having a good day and Darlene has always changed my mood to a positive one.”

Do says she has always taken colorguard very seriously without letting her grades slacken at all.

The intense training for colorguard is three to four hour practices three days a week. During the weekend she often practices for the marching band for 10 to 12 hours in a day.

Do’s friends say she is very organized. Do said, “One secret that I have to managing my day is having an agenda because I live a very busy life and I would probably forget all my responsibilities that I have to do unless I write them down.”


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