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Connor Sayre ‘tries his best in everything’

Eliana Hernandez/ Photographer

Freshman Connor Sayre may just be starting his time here at Buena, but he’s already gotten involved in Buena’s community. Sayre decided to join Buena’s frosh swim team and water polo team in order to stay fit. While keeping in shape is one reason he decided to join, he says he truly enjoys the swimming and getting to mess around with his teammates.

Despite being busy with his classes and sports, there is another, more musical side to him. For the last five years he’s been playing piano, taking lessons and performing in recitals. In his last recital he played a Japanese song as a tribute to his summer trip to Japan.

Out of his classes, Sayre says he enjoys English the most because he likes writing. “I write when I want to get my mind off things,” said Sayre.

Sayre described himself as a caring and energetic person saying, “People say I can be a little crazy at times,” he said.

Friend and water polo teammate Trevor Wilkinson says he immensely enjoys being on the team with Sayre. “He’s really supportive. If we’re not doing good he cheers us up,” said Wilkinson, adding that Sayre makes a lot of jokes and describes him as funny as well as smart.

Freshman Unique Orozco has known Sayer since the sixth grade when they bonded in math class over one of her friends having the hiccups. She says if she had to choose three words to describe Sayer they would be “bold, outgoing, and kind.”

“Connor was my first friend in middle school… he’s helped me through moments in my life and always made sure I did the right decision about things and always gave his side of view truthfully,” said Orozco. She added that she expects nothing but good things for Sayre in his future. She said, “In the future, I expect him to be something big. He’s great and I wouldn’t expect anything less from a person that’s so determined and tries his best in everything.”


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