Home Junior Connor Chadwick mixes it up through his junior year.

Connor Chadwick mixes it up through his junior year.


   Connor Chadwick, a junior at Buena High School is making his mark in the music world. Making beats, and according to Chadwick “constructing meaningful lyrics to almost tell a story.” Chadwick spreads his love for music around the community through the distribution platform Distrokid. He started making original music approximately three years ago, saying he had always been connected to music and admired how other artists could, “take words and make true meaning out of them.”

   While starting off Chadwick stated, “I downloaded an app on my iPad and just taught myself everything I know.” While Chadwick has always had a strong musical connection growing up, being self-taught, he has had to push through many barriers he explained that. “When I started making music, many people told me to stop and many others didn’t support me, but as I pushed through the doubts, I found that people now have turned their opinions for the better.”   

   Although he had dealt with many hurdles throughout his career, he has received lots of support from his peers stating, “I believe most of my friends and anyone I really have connections with fully support me and my music.” One of Chadwicks close friends, junior Jacob Paris stated, “I support his music a lot because I like his creativity, and his craft that he brings to his music.” Chadwick’s individuality of his music is what really sets him apart from others describing it as, hip hop with a hint of R&B.

   Chadwick’s music has many inspirations coming from many different types of genres coming from artists like, Marshmallow, Dax, Roddy Rich, and Joyner Lucas. These are good to look towards in Chadwicks opinion due to their “ musical talent,” as well as being “more lyrical artists” Chadwick thinks the deeper meaning in lyrics are important. His inspirations led Chadwick to creating his own unique music entirely on his own from home. 

   Chadwick is also actively involved in marching band playing the drums, as well as the piano on his free time. Other than music and instruments, Chadwick also enjoys photography and filmmaking during his free time while incorporating more and more of it into his music as he continues it.                                                                                                                                     


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