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Colin Gunther sparks up his freshman year


Colin Gunther, a freshman at Buena High School this year is trying to get involved with as many things as he can.  Gunther has been playing basketball since he was 4 years old and this winter he will be playing on Buena’s JV boys basketball team. He also plays football and he is planning on running track in the spring.

When Gunther first got introduced to basketball it was because of his dad. Gunther’s dad has been a basketball coach since before he was born, so him and his older sister, Maddie Gunther who also goes to Buena have been in and out of gyms their whole lives.

Gunther hopes to go to college to play basketball with a scholarship. He also plays for the Ventura Pirates during the off season. Gunther said “freshman year has been very enjoyable so far and I really look forward to basketball season, my goal is to win league.” Gunther’s greatest strength while playing the game is getting the ball to open players.

Last year while Gunther was in middle school he and his friends won the middle school league championships. Gunther said, “That was my greatest accomplishment throughout all of my years playing basketball so far”.

While talking to colins best friend Camden Walker also a freshman at Buena High school Camden said “ I’ve known Colin since we were in second grade and he’s been my best friend ever since, he is very funny, energetic, and very joyful. My favorite thing about him is his humor.” Camden also said “Colin’s greatest is his ability to be serious when it’s needed but to also bring joy to every situation.” Gunther’s coach, Matthew Colton says “Colin’s a great point guard and he always keeps the offence going, his greatest strength is his tenacity, he is very hard working, he’s a great kid and an even better teammate.”


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